Opening and Saving Scripts

Table of Contents

The following is the default view when opening a new Script or performing a Save As.  Newly recorded Scripts can only be saved from a Playlist, therefore if the Script Editor is opened from a Playlist and the Script has not yet been saved, the Save As option is disabled.  Only the relevant entities are displayed.  For example, if saving a Script to the Asset Explorer definition, only Folders will be listed as this is the only valid parent for a Script.

  • Application Instance – An item can be selected from or saved to not only the current application instance (plan) but also another instance which can be in the same or a different application definition.  Click the down arrow on the top left of the panel to make an alternative selection.  Only those instances which are valid for the current action are displayed.  For example, if you are trying to save a Playlist, only the instances containing a relationship to Playlists will be listed.
  • Reload – The blue double arrow icon will refresh the display so that any newly created assets appear.
  • Select – Click on an item and then click Save/Select to open it or to use it as the parent for a save operation.

Impact Analysis #

Every time a Script is changed and saved an impact analysis screen is displayed which tells you which Playlists might be affected by the change you are about to make.  The text on the screen explains what the default action will be.  To change this, expand the screen to show the full list of assets as shown below.

Right click any of the Assets to obtain the following options.

  • Show Full Path – Show the parent path for this item so that it can be easily located if necessary.
  • Open Asset – Open the editor for this item so that any necessary changes can be made.