Creating a Script

Scripts are created by recording actions against the Application Under Test (AUT). This recording process will automatically capture pictures of screens/pages together with all the components and controls found and the inputs or actions made by the user. When you stop recording and save the Script you should have a Script which can be rerun and will repeat the same process as it is recorded.

For these actions to be correctly recorded, TestDrive must first be configured to talk to the AUT in a Option Set. The Original Software support team can assist you in creating these in the first instance if a standard one does not match your application technology. Once created, the Option Set is linked to an application list and will be automatically selected when you next interact with that application.

Once the Option Set is correctly linked to the application it means that every control and object will be understood and available to the Script to be tested, compared, analyzed or interacted with. There is no need to ‘get’ information about a component, it is already available. In addition, the Option Set enables the timing and readiness of the AUT to be understood so that playback is automatically synchronized with the AUT performance.

TestDrive will also build in our patented ‘Annotation’ feature to create a meaningful description of each control or object, so that if a text box with the name “TextBox23” for entering say a “Customer Name” exists, TestDrive will also describe it as the “Customer Name TextBox”.