Create Entity from Microsoft Outlook

A new entity instance can be created in Qualify from an e-mail in Outlook, which is very useful for example when a Defect has been reported by a TrackPath email and needs to be added into the test plan. If the e-mail contains any attachments, these will also be attached to the newly created item.

To create a new entity from Outlook, drag the email over the desired entity name in the left-hand panel in Qualify, then once you see the + symbol drop the email. You will then be taken directly to the edit form for the top level entity.

The e-mail text is entered into the ‘Use in caption’ property for the entity as long as this is a text field. Any attachments contained within the e-mail will be displayed in the attachments tab if one exists.

Multiple entity items can also be created from multiple emails. The functionality is the same as for single item creation, except that the user selects multiple emails to drag and drop across to Qualify rather than just one.