Main Interface

The following screen is displayed when a new Playlist is created. 

The panel is split into several sections.

Toolbar: This contains all items that can be added to and actions that can be performed on the Playlist.

File Menu: Manage the Playlist as a whole and perform maintenance activity on areas that control how it operates.

Playlist: The sequence of actions that will be run when the Playlist is executed.

Action Options: Click on a Playlist action to populate this panel with the configurable parameters of the selected action.

Playlist Assets: An expandable section of the left hand panel that lists all scripts, variable data sets, Playlists and other TestBench Components which have been selected for use in the Playlist.

Post Playback: Automatically save the results after the Playlist has been executed and optionally perform other actions such as send notification emails or perform a comparison to a previous baseline.

Results: All results for the current Playlist session, both saved and unsaved, are held and can be viewed from here.

Status Bar: The very bottom part of the panel contains informational messages and warnings.