Home Toolbar

The following actions that are performed on the Playlist as a whole are available from the Home toolbar.

◉ Play: The Playlist will be executed. If the TestDrive Sidebar is not already running and the Playlist contains Play Script actions it will be automatically launched, the application under test is also launched if this is specified within the application definition, following that playback will begin immediately.

◉ Record Script: If the TestDrive Sidebar is not already running it will be automatically launched and the Applications panel displayed which lists all applications currently running on the PC for which a matching Application Definition exists. Click on one of these to begin recording all activity for that application.

◉ New Variable Data: Variable Data is used to substitute values within the recorded Script with alternatives. This could mean changing input values or substituting values displayed on screen for new ones when screens are compared at playback time. Also defining multiple rows of data can cause a Script or suite of Scripts to play back multiple times, each time using a different set of data.

◉ Save: If the Playlist or any assets within it (Scripts and Variable Data) have not already been saved, the save dialog is displayed (see later section for more information). If however the changes are simply modifications to other actions within the Playlist then the save will take place immediately.

◉ Print: Produce a simple report of the Playlist actions, a preview is displayed from where the report be printed or saved.

◉ Schedule Playback: Display a window which contains all of the options required to enable the playback of this Playlist to be scheduled using a Task scheduler. See specific section for more information.

◉ Checking Rules: When a script is played back, there are several quality checks that can be enforced. These include content checking (has the application changed since it was recorded?), spell checking, link checking and performance checking. Which of these should be used and how they should be used is controlled by checking rules which can be created here and then assigned to a Playlist.

◉ Applications: In order for an application to be tested, the application parameters must be defined. This not only includes the relevant Option Set but also other user preferences that control how results will be displayed.

◉ Option Sets: The Options control the settings that affect the recording of events such as screens and input. It is very likely that different settings will be required by different types of application and these can be maintained here. Due to the fact that Options can radically affect the way that scripts are recorded, the act of changing them is password protected, please see your support contact if you need to perform this action.