Qualify is a unique application that enables users to set up, manage and monitor all activity relating to testing plans and all associated tasks. Qualify is far more than just a test planning and defect tracking tool. It offers the ability to control major elements of the testing process from within a test plan, quickly making it the center of testing functionality and creating large improvements in test process efficiency.

With Qualify, testers can append documents, screenshots and data to any entity (for example task or defect) to help developers better understand the problem. Additionally, integration with other test modules from Original Software means test scripts, data cases and other test components can be attached and launched – all from within Qualify.

Qualify is compatible with a range of platforms and data is stored centrally on the server. The database options include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 and it can be used either as a Desktop or a Web application. This means it can be instantly accessed by any member of the development and testing team, creating direct lines of communication between testers and developers working on a common task. This results in a clearer, more transparent approach.

Additionally, Qualify can be used to map and manage other business processes, it is not restricted to testing methodology. For example, an application model could be created for Marketing Launch Plans or a Contact Management system